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[Rumor] iPhone 5 Front Panel Schematic Leaked

Yesterday seemed to bring a boatload of iPhone 5 rumors and leaks. We had quite a few photos of the iPhone 5 backplate leaked. Today there’s yet another leak that falls in line with yesterday’s news.

This schematic may give us more insight to the new iPhone…

This juicy leak comes from Macotakara who picked up on this leaked schematic that was published by iPhone repair firm, iLab Factory.

The image directly lines up with photos leaked yesterday, but take this with a spoon full of salt. Something like this can easily be faked… Very easily. All we’re looking at here is a line drawing and most all of the details for the schematic have been blurred out.

My question is, if you have this “schematic” and are going to leak it, why blur out the details? Are they saving the details for another leak? Keep in mind, this could all be part of a giant hoax. I hope not though.

If we just assume this is legit though, we can take a few things from the design. It looks like Apple is planning on moving the Facetime camera a bit. The camera looks centered on the front panel as opposed to offset as it is on the iPhone 4S / 4. This would definitely be a beneficial change. The design definitely shows us a longer iPhone as well. This could be due to the increased screen size and internal components making the new iPhone a bit longer.

Like I said, this schematic definitely lines up with all the leaked photos we saw yesterday. Be sure to check them out in the related links below. Don’t count on this being the last leaked photo we see before the iPhone 5’s expected debut in October. At least Tim Cook has now confirmed the iPhone 5 will be called “the new iPhone.”

Do you think this photo is legit?

Source: Macotakara via iDownloadBlog

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