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Google Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay – Comparison!

Google Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay – Comparison!

Apple and Google are back at it again and attempting to bring a safe and friendly mobile experience to your car. Android Auto and CarPlay are the two company’s re-imagining of mobile user interfaces for the car and both are gearing up for a major rollout over the next year.

Each system is designed to work with its respective native mobile platform, but there are differences between the two that may appeal to different people. Today we’re comparing Apple’s CarPlay to Google’s Android Auto using the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. This car comes packed with both systems, so you won’t have to compromise either way, but there are some important differences between the two.

Check out the comparison video below for a close look at both systems:

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  • George Wedding

    I definitely prefer the simplified and less distracting Apple CarPlay interface over the display with Android’s cartoonish background pictures, which look like they’re designed for children. CarPlay also makes better use of the full, in-car display and the Siri integration gives it another leg up on Android. I’ve worked in publishing for years and I can tell you that from it’s initial release, the refined graphic and typographic quality of Apple Maps has outclassed Google Maps. I know Apple’s Maps services content still lags Google’s more mature product, but for most routine automotive uses, Apple Maps already is good enough in and around the cities I’ve used it in, which is why I’ve stopped using Google Maps almost entirely.

    Apple does need to add much more detail to its maps, but I’m satisfied with the company’s progress and am happy to use a map service that keeps Google’s from tracking me and selling my personal data to advertisers.

    I am trying to purge my computes of all things Google. I use DuckDuckGo as my default browser and only resort to Google Search as a last resort. I only use g-mail for throw-away Web site accounts and log-ins (not important mail), but even hope to eventually eliminate that tracking from my life too..

    And I definitely won’t use Goigle+. I hope that someday, Google will rue the day it ever stole technology from Apple.

  • Mati Denton

    thank you this has help me to under stand

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