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[Rumor] Apple Launching Full-Featured Apple TV Software Makeover at WWDC

According to a new report from BGR, Apple plans on debuting a new super-charged version of iOS for Apple TV. This version is rumored to have many different features including a big change to the Apple TV remote…

The report claims Apple has plans to use a new API to allow your Apple TV remote to control other devices connected. This would make it possible for 3rd party manufacturers to streamline their devices with your Apple TV.

BGR reports:

We’ve heard Apple is actively trying to court manufacturers to use a new “control out” API in order for third-party manufacturers to make accessories that are compatible with the new Apple TV OS and the upcoming “iTV.” It’s said that by using the API, it will be possible to control any connected components all from the Apple remote (and the Apple remote iOS app as well, we’re assuming).

This would be a huge change in the home theater landscape, which has until this point relied on a mess of thousands of infrared codes and physical cables in order for devices to be interoperable, or Wi-Fi-controlled apps for each component and piece of hardware.

The control out API is said to work with all aspects of various popular components, even allowing control over things like program guides on a cable operators’ set top boxes and other hardware components.

Not only would this be huge for Apple TV, it would open the door to many different products. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of functionality to Apple TV remote has. There’s no way I could control more than ATV with that little remote, though we’ve seen recent patents pointing to using an iPhone / iPad as a remote as well.

Those patents combined with an official app could definitely poses the power to control a limitless amount of devices. WWDC 2012 happens in a couple weeks. iOS 6 along with the new MacBook Pros, and now this Apple TV update are allrumored/expected to be showcased at the event.

We’ll bring you all the coverage from WWDC as it breaks. Stay Tuned.

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