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Apple Mac Pro (2013): Unboxing Remix, Overview And Benchmarks

Today is a glorious day. We’re taking a look at Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro, and to sum it up in two words, it’s beautiful. Go ahead and make your trash can jokes, but this is the most powerful trash can that I’ve ever owned. For a closer look at the new Mac Pro, check out the unboxing, overview, and benchmark video above.

Because of its size, the Mac Pro can easily sit on top of a desk without consuming much space. It’s extremely quiet and runs like a boss. I picked up the 6-Core 3.5Ghz CPU model that comes stock with 16GB RAM, 256GB of PCIe-based storage, and dual AMD FirePro 500 graphics processors.

In the video above, I cover the unboxing experience, hardware and port overview, and run multiple benchmark tests including, Geekbench 3, NoveBench, CineBench, and Blackmagic Disk Speed Test. If you’d like to check out the full Geekbench results click here. Let me know what you think about this powerful trash can down in the comments below.

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