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Does The iPhone 7 Suck?

Does The iPhone 7 Suck?

It’s no surprise that the iPhone 7 launch was a bit hectic this year. With new features such as IP 67 water resistance and the all new ‘Jet Black’ color, you’ll likely want to pick up a new iPhone 7 case, like the Veil XT, which is made by, Caudabe for protection against those scratches and scuffs. But, does the new iPhone 7 suck?

Let’s look back on last years models and compare a few features:

1. Display

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models included a 4.7 and 5.5 inch display. It is no surprise, Apple decided to keep the same dimensions for the new iPhone 7. Though, the screen resolution is still 720p, the new color gamut brings a great new feel when comparing models side by side.

2. Camera

While the iPhone 6s Plus was the first, and only, iPhone to feature OIS, both iPhone 7 models feature Optical Image Stabilization(OIS) now. Along with OIS, the Plus model features a second, (telephoto) lens to capture high quality monochrome photos, which then, is processed by software to enhance the quality of the 12mp shooter. And in case you were curious, the new telephoto lens does not include OIS.

3. 3D Touch

Apple introduced 3D touch on both, 6s and 6s Plus models last year, however, they have taken 3D Touch to a new level with Haptic Feedback. By adding a Haptic Feedback engine to each of the new iPhone 7 models, the software experience becomes enhanced and feels amazing to the touch. Sure it may be a small feature, but one that I absolutely love!

4. Water Risistance

Following suite, Apple decided to include, IP 67 water-resistance to this years iPhone 7 models. This is a big inclusion, and one that is far too long in the making since Android phones have had this feature for a while now. You can now leave your phone in a bowl of water for up to 30 minutes, however, Apple has yet to include water damage to “Apple Care+“.

5. The Loss of 3.5mm Audio

In a bold decision, Apple has decided to take out the 3.5mm audio port. What this means is, unlike last years iPhone 6s, and 6s Plus model, the 3.5mm port has been replaced by a single Lightning connector. What this means is, you will now have to use the, included, lightning to 3.5mm adapter if you would like to use your old headphones.

So does it suck?

Given the features mentioned above, if you’re looking to upgrade from last year, I would highly recommend waiting. I say this because, a lot of the new features are, just a bit, unnecessary. Sure water resistance is great, but there are more features in iOS 10 than there are in iPhone 7 hardware when comparing the 6s to the 7. No, the new iPhone 7 does not suck, but it seems as if Apple is just following suite, rather than making bold moves. I mean, even Apple wasn’t the first to eliminate the audio port.

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