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Our Time At CES 2014

As most of you may know, I spent last week wondering around CES 2014 like a kid in a candy store. The Consumer Electronics Show is the best of the best when it comes to tech conferences. This year was no exception. I had the chance to preview all kinds of technology that will be released over the next year and did my best to bring it all to you. Above you’ll find a playlist containing all of our CES 2014 coverage, and while it’s impossible to cover the entire show, hopefully we touched on a wide variety of tech.

If you’ve never been to CES, it’s a very fun experience. The conference is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and most of your time will be spent walking around trying to find the next great gadget. This year, I decided to stay away from covering each and every accessory on the floor focused on major devices with some accessories on the side. My brother Anthony (@AnthonyEsposito) joined in to help capture the event, so be sure to thank him for all of the great coverage because it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

As I mentioned, it’s impossible to see everything during the show, but if you’d like to see what we had the opportunity to cover, check out this playlist or the embedded player above. I didn’t have a chance to post all of the videos here because we were so busy, but it’s probably easier to check out the YouTube playlist instead of flooding your RSS feed with individual articles for each of the 23 videos. Thanks again for all of the continued support. We appreciate it!

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