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[Rumor] Leaked iPhone 5 Parts Are Reportedly Real

We always take these rumors with a good dose of skepticism, and yesterday we had a huge string of leaked photos claiming to be genuine iPhone 5 parts. According to “sources in position to know,” they are the real deal…

9to5Mac originally brought us these leaked photos and now the report is that they do indeed match up with internally tested iPhone 5’s at Apple’s headquarters. The pictures, which can be seen here and above, sport a metal backplate iPhone 5.

9to5Mac has the story:

the structure of the shells do match up with what is being tested internally. Namely, the redesigned bottom portion of the iPhone with the moved headphone jack and smaller dock connector are present on at least one of the longer iPhones that Apple is testing internally.

So there you have it. Metal backplate. On the other hand, if this matches up with iPhones that “Apple is testing internally,” does this mean the final product will look like this? Not exactly. Apple tests so many different products internally, some which never see the light of day. So it’s definitely a possibility that this one will end up in a vault somewhere never to be seen again. But the facts are definitely starting to weigh in favor of this rumor.

How do you feel about this?

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