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[Rumor] Leaked iPhone 5 Backplate Reveals Mini Dock Connector, Thin Profile, and Better Speakers

Big news just came in from 9to5Mac with a picture of a leaked iPhone 5 backplate. This backplate definitely lines up with previous rumors we’ve heard about the new iPhone

Now trust me I’m as skeptical as the next guy but this rumored backplate is certainly in line with all the other rumors we’ve heard. 9to5Mac says they believe this source to be reliable. The leaked image comes to 9to5Mac from iFixYouri who also leaked images of the white iPad which ended up being true…

Normally we’d scoff at such a notion but these same parts suppliers were the first to deliver the news that the iPad would come in white.

9to5Mac reports:

From what we can see, the part does follow a lot of the rumors and speculation.  For instance, you can see the smaller dock connector at the bottom and it appears thinner overall.  We’re told that the extra space on the bottom is used by Apple to enhance the speakers which will be louder and of a higher quality than the current iPhone.  The supplier says the back plate is one piece anchored by an aluminum alloy (not liquidmetal).

So it looks like we have enhanced speakers (which I wouldn’t mind one bit), and the headphone jack appears to be located on the bottom just like the iPod Touch. It bothers me a bit that the body looks somewhat plastic though. What do you think?

Check out the picture below… This is a “fake” render.

Compare the back on the right to the one above... Strangely similar right?

Here’s what bothers me about this. This “leaked” image looks all too familiar to me. It actually looks exactly like the mockup iLounge did a while back. That being said, how would Apple just so happen to have the exact same design iLounge rendered? Though we’re not sure if this backplate matches up with a 4-inch screen, it certainly looks to be a different size than the current iPhone 4S.

Could be true though. 9to5Mac seems to trust the source.

What do you think?

Source: 9to5Mac

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