Wanna Know The Average Salary Of An Apple Employee?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at an Apple Store or at Apple HQ? If so, you’ve probably wondered how much money you’d make…

Working for Apple won’t leave you rolling in the dough, but they actually pay pretty well. Business Insider compiled a little list of typical Apple jobs and their respective salaries.

Apple Store Genius – $38,937
Lead Genius – $48,353
Assistant Apple Store Manager – $49,176
Account Executive – $75,324
Financial Analyst – $81,523
Software Quality Assurance Engineer – $87,651
Business Analyst – $87,768
Systems Engineer – $94,119
Project Manager – $94,652
Mechanical Engineer – $99,900
Senior Systems Engineer – $101,794
Software Engineer – $103,883
Firmware Engineer – $103,985
Test Engineer – $104,926
Hardware Engineer – $105,316
Database Administrator – $105,382
Production Design Engineer – $116,019
Product Manager – $118,556
Senior Hardware Engineer – $124,893
Senior Software Engineer – $126,325
Art Director – $133,664

Not too shabby eh? You won’t be making the millions Tim Cook pulls in but for a job working around products you obviously love, it’s pretty decent pay.

Are you gonna apply?

Source: Business Insider

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