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Download The New iOS 7 Ringtones And Alerts Here

If you’re in need of some fresh ringtones and alerts for your iOS device, today is your lucky day. On Sept. 10, 2013, Apple released the Golden Master version of iOS 7 to developers and loaded it with a bunch of new wallpapers, ringtones, and alerts. Unfortunately, iOS 7 won’t be released to the public until Sept. 18, 2013, but if you’d like to check out all of the new tones, I’ve got a little treat for you.

Earlier today, I extracted all of the wallpapers, ringtones, and alerts from iOS 7 GM and I’ve uploaded them just for you. It’s nothing major, but in my opinion, the new sounds are definitely a welcomed change. If you’d like to download the new iOS 7 ringtones and alerts, use the link below. I’ve packed them all into a single .ZIP file.

Remember, you’ll need to extract this .ZIP file on a computer, import the ringtones into iTunes and transfer them to your device. Also, if you’d like to grab all of iOS 7’s new wallpapers, be sure to check this article from yesterday. Enjoy.

Click here to download the new iOS 7 tones (11.5MB)

In case you need help, here’s how to add them to your iOS device.

Step 1: Launch iTunes and connect your iOS device to the computer.

Drag the ringtones and alerts into iTunes.

Step 2: Drag the ringtones and alerts into the iTunes Library. Next, select your device from the sidebar.

Select your device.

Step 3: Select “Tones” from the top bar, then check “Sync Tones.” Finally, choose to either sync “All tones” or “Selected tones.”


Here’s a video overview of the new ringtones and alerts:

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  • chad

    where’s “opening”?

    • Dom Esposito

      Just added it. Sorry couldn’t find it in the ipsw file. Had to record it and export it. 🙂

      • michaelgmccoy

        The “Chord” sound that Apple sets as a default for Reminders and Calendar alerts is also missing. Maybe it’s not in the standard location for alerts? It would be GREAT if you could find that one. I’d like to use it for the timer completed sound but, for some reason, that app only sees “ringtones” rather than “alerts” 🙁 I can add it as a custom ringtone and problem solved 🙂

        • Dom Esposito

          Just added “Chord” and “Pulse” which was also missing for some reason. 🙂

          • michaelgmccoy

            Awesome! Than you!!!

            I think the iMessage send and receive sounds are slightly tweaked now as well. They seem to have a bit of echo or reverb added. Can you find those in the file system anywhere?

  • Ahang

    Thank you I’ve been looking these Ringtones on web.

  • Luke

    Please tell me how you downloaded them from your iPhone/iPod/iPad!!

  • Diablo30

    The links don’t seem to be working

    • Dom Esposito

      They are working here. You need to download it from a computer.

  • Diablo30

    Ok thanks

  • Deb

    Hi every time I start to change my theem it automatically opens youe tube
    Pls help

  • Ramiro Correa

    Thanks for these!

  • michael

    can’t find tones while using iTunes 11.1

    • michael

      never mind found it

  • Bob

    I’m trying to get my hands on the system sound iOS makes when you send a text, and the sound it makes when you receive a text while on the texting screen. Is there any way to extract those. They’re not the ringtone alerts that play if the phone is sleeping, but the back and forth sounds of sending and receiving when you in a texting convo with someone.

  • Lei Ann

    hi thank you so much! have been looking around for these 🙂

  • Eduard Rozenberg

    Very useful thanks! Grabbed chord.m4r and converted it to aiff to use on Mac to replace the Basso alert sound for notifications.

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