Samsung Says Patent War With Apple Is Great For Business

There’s been many gruesome patent wars between Apple and Samsung over the years. Samsung has been outed for stealing many of Apple’s design and functionality patents. Just look at the shameless ripoff above. Even though Samsung may end up losing these battles, an unnamed Samsung executive said it’s “worth it” because their Brand is getting a publicity boost.

The unnamed executive told The Korea Times, “This is worth it,” “More consumers know about Samsung. The fight with Apple has so far been effective in boosting our brand awareness.”

The sad truth is they are right. Recent numbers show the dominance and presence Samsung has taken in the smartphone/tablet markets. Even though Apple may be dominating the market, even a recent Q1 report on tablet sales shows Samsung in second place overall.

It’s entirely possible that Samsung is delaying any settlement with Apple simply for the exposure and “brand awareness.” According to the report, the battle only “urges Samsung designers, technicians and software developers to roll out more powerful and design-enhanced smartphones ahead of schedule.”

Samsung is visibly guilty in steals many of Apple’s designs and patents, but if it’s good for business we may not see a resolution to this case anytime soon. Hopefully Apple will turn up the heat on Samsung once they realize this is simply a business game. On the other hand, Apple may be benefiting from this as well.

Like the saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

What do you think? Is Samsung abusing this patent war?

Source: The Korea Times via SlashGear

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