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Samsung Shamelessly Rips Off The Mac Mini Amongst Many Other Designs

DISCLAIMER: I may have to go off a little on Samsung here, so if you’re a huge Samsung fan you might want to stop reading here…

Samsung has done it again. Blatantly ripping off yet another Apple product/design. I can’t even believe it’s possibly for them to get away with such things legally. But regardless of legal matters I really feel that Samsung should create their own identity. The photo seen above is a Chromebox. This is one of Samsung’s latest mini PC iterations that employs Google’s Chome OS.

The designs as you can see are very similar. Like I said pushing aside anything “legal” let’s just entertain the fact that Samsung somehow lacks the ability to design their own products. The photos below will take you on a journey through Samsung’s reiterations of Apple designs…

Aside from the Chromebox above, there have been many other instances where Samsung employed designs strikingly similar to those of which Apple created.


1. Homescreen Icons: Apple VS Samsung

For each icon present on Apple devices, you’ll see the corresponding Samsung icon to the right. Come on Samsung, you can’t get your own icon designs? I realized they are definitely “inspired” by Apple’s icons but come on, there’s a lot of royalty free stock clip-art Samsung could easily use…


2. Apple’s Smart Cover VS Galaxy Tab Smart Case

This is the Galaxy Tab Smart Case. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but it’s not a duck… It was not manufactured by Samsung. BUT Samsung certainly gave their blessing issuing the Smart Case official Samsung certification. Basically a “job well done” pat on the back for creating such a genius method for protecting their precious iPad copy. There’s no denying that this looks identical in color and design to the Apple Smart Cover seen here. The Smart Case is manufactured by Anymode which according to 9to5Mac has deep ties with Samsung.

Apparently Sang-yong Kim, the Anymode CEO, was “born in Samsung family”. Jun tells us – and you’re free to take it at face value – that the Anymode CEO “is nephew of the Samsung’s chairman Kun-Hee Lee“, the claim we were unable to verify at the time of this writing. The 69-year old chairman of Samsung Electronics stepped down in April 2008 amid the Slush funds scandal, but returned at the group’s helm in March of last year. He is credited for improving the quality of Samsung’s design and products. Anymode is not even attempting to conceal the Samsung link.

Go figure right…


3. iPod Touch VS Galaxy 4.0 Android MP3 player

I know what you’re thinking… Madness right? You better “Click to Enlarge” this picture. Yes that’s Samsung’s Galaxy MP3 player. Even the damn product picture looks similar. Makes me sick.


4. Apple iPhone 4S commercial VS Samsung Galaxy Tab commercial

Carefully examine the two videos below, one after the other. You should notice a very similar featured component of each one. Yes it’s the actress. The young girl originally featured in Apple’s iPhone 4S commercial is the same little girl in Samsung’s Galaxy Tab ad. Look closely, I’m not crazy… It’s the same kid!


Now don’t get me wrong. It’s entirely possible that this girl was just hired for both commercials or she grew to favor Samsung over Apple. But it’s a matter of an identity crisis. I’m not even mad, but wouldn’t you want to set yourself apart from the rest and use someone entirely different? Or would a familiarly marketed face help boost sales since the “cute” commercial worked so well for Apple? You be the judge on this one. I’m tired of this battle.

Either way, aside from the commercials above I think Samsung just doesn’t have the ability to think for themselves. Strangely enough, Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest customers. Samsung currently provides all the chips and some displays for current Apple products. Ironic right??

What do you think?

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