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The New iPad Smart Cover Review – Is it Worth the Money?

The Apple iPad Smart Cover has such a sleek design. Being a Fanboy I’m naturally attracted to anything Apple releases. Most of all, many of their accessories are completely practical.

The Smart Cover is such a simple accessory. So simple many may contemplate even buying one. Yes they are expense. But that should be something your used to by now being an iPad purchaser or Apple fan.

The thing is, while Apple products may be more expensive than others, they definitely stand the test of time. And overall in my experience, retain their value over time. I am a Smart Cover fan. While cases are nice, I really enjoy the functionality the Smart Cover offers while keeping the entire design slim and fit.

If your not a big fan of cases but want protection for your screen, the Smart Cover is the way to go! The Smart Cover will also automatically Lock and Unlock your new iPad when you Open and Close the Cover.

Do you think the Smart Cover is worth the money?

If you don’t have an iPad to use a smart cover on, we’re giving one away!

Click here for the details.

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