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[PWNED] Apple Kills Tablet Market In Q1 2012

Is there really competition in the tablet market? Apple’s iPad is more popular now than ever, but who stands in the way of domination? Apparently nobody…

According to ABI Research, the iPad totally dominates over all other major tablets on the market. In face, there’s hardly any tablet market out there. It’s more like an iPad market.

In Q1 2012, Apple sold 11.8 million iPads. Impressed? I’m sure Samsung is, ranking in second place only selling 1.1 million tablets in the same timespan. Lastly, we have Amazon’s Kindle Fire coming in third. The sad part is they’re not even competition.

ABI’s report shows “fizzling” numbers for the so-called iPad competitor. The $200 competitor doesn’t stand a chance against the iPad. Makes me wonder why there’s all this talk about an iPad Mini when Apple obviously doesn’t need one to stay afloat in the tablet game.

What do you think?

Source: ABI Research

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