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[Rumor] Leaked Parts: 4.1-Inch Front Panel for iPod Touch, iPhone 5 Cameras

Earlier today 9to5Mac came out with a claim that the next iPhone would rock a 3.9-inch display. Well now this rumor is inching closer to being believable with these new leaked iPod Touch panels…

It’s been a pretty consistent fact that Apple uses the same size screens between their iPhone models and the iPod Touch. So why wouldn’t the same happen this time around? New “leaked” parts have surfaced today showing an iPod Touch front panel with a diagonal measurement of 4.1-inches. This isn’t right on the money with other rumors we’ve heard but it’s close enough to be believable.

9to5Mac specifically stated the new iPhone having a screen size of 3.95-inches. While that’s a bit off from this purported 4.1-inch iPod Touch panel, it’s pretty darn close. Close enough. If Apple plans on using the same size screens between the iPod Touch and iPhone 5, it will also confirm The Wall Street Journal’s claim of the new iPhone having a screen size of “at least 4 inches.”

The new leaked panel comes from MacRumors who posted a couple pictures of the panel along with some freshly leaked iPhone 5 parts. Even though the measurements of this panel don’t line up exactly with previous rumors, they all seem to be around the same size.

Next on the list of leaked parts is the iPhone 5 front and back cameras. These camera parts appear to resemble the previous model iPhones except they lack an associated LED flash. Which also could mean they are for the iPod Touch as well.

The pictures below are allegedly the Home button flex cable, front camera, and rear camera for the upcoming iPhone 5. Yes they are small pictures, there’s a larger one of the cameras below from another site who apparently has the same supplier source as MacRumors.

According to MacRumors,

…at a minimum the home button flex cable and front camera assembly show distinct differences from their iPhone 4S counterparts…

Here’s a larger view of the cameras from BadGizmo Repair.

So there you have it. It’s all too common to see leaked parts like this in the months leading up to a product launch. We’ve recently seen a SIM card tray, along with what appeared to be an earpiece assembly/headphone jack, and a mysterious iPhone 5 home button… That being said, I’m sure this isn’t the last of the “leaked” parts. As always, I’d keep my skepticism close by when judging these photos.

Source: MacRumors

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