[Rumor] New iPhone 5 Home Button Leaked!

iPhone 4S/4 Home Button

The next generation iPhone is the talk of the town. Everyone wants to know if Apple is going to make any major changes this time, since we didn’t see much for the last release. There are tons of rumors floating around including, LTE, different dock connector, and bigger screen size. Yet we haven’t seen any solid evidence linking to a change in design. Until now…

Check out the images…

New part leaks have been spotted today and are claimed to be the home button for the new iPhone 5 or whatever you wanna call it. TVC Mall has black and white home buttons that show a few differences then what we’re used to seeing on the current models. There are also more images of this part over at TrueSupplier.

Notice the differences here?

The main difference here is that the iPhone 4S/s home button is round, but with a couple tips off the edge (seen above) to hold it in place. This leaked part shows a round center with a squared outside to hold it in place. No one can say if these parts are legit or not. They simply could be something that someone crafted. But usually when we start seeing leaked parts, that means things are in production. And in the new iPad’s case, most of the leaked parts we came across actually materialized.

It’s also important to note that TVC Mall has had a good track record of leaking OEM parts before releases. Like I said, don’t hold you breath, but we could be looking at a new iPhone home button.

Source: AppleBitch via MacRumors

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