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[Rumor] iPhone 5 SIM Card Tray Surfaces

It’s that time again folks. Lately we’ve seen a string of  “leaked” iPhone 5 parts and they don’t seem to be slowing down. This little nugget comes from MacRumors. Meet the purported iPhone 5 SIM card tray…

Last week we had leaked home buttons, this week it’s the SIM card tray. iPhone parts vendor SW-BOX.com leaked the information today stating this is indeed a SIM card tray for the New iPhone or iPhone 5. The “sixth generation tray” appears to be identical to the iPhone 4S at first glance, but observers have stated otherwise.

According to MacRumors,

the SIM card tray does have some subtle differences compared to the tray used in the iPhone 4S and 4, with a slight tapering of metal frame pieces and an extra metal shelf not seen in current trays. Consequently, the part certainly appears to not simply be an iPhone 4S SIM card tray, and while it could be a knockoff part, SW-BOX.com and its supplier seem to believe that it is genuine.

Now I’m even a little skeptical about this. I mean even I could should you a a SIM tray and say it’s one from the iPhone 5. This really doesn’t prove anything. Yet there are difference between the two. I just pulled my SIM card tray out to verify that.

Apple’s new iPhone is expected to be released sometime later this year, with a preview of iOS 6 coming in June at the sold out WWDC. So I guess we’ll be holding our breath until then. If this SIM card tray is “real” this would mean Apple is not going with the Liquidmetal or teardrop design so many rumors have pointed at, as this tray has the same “flat” outer design as the iPhone 4S / 4.

What do you think about this part? Real? Fake?

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