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Analyst Predicts Apple Will Become It’s Own Mobile Operator

During a recent presentation at the Informa MVNO Industry Summit in Barcelona, Spain, wireless industry analyst Whitey Bluestein said that he believes Apple will soon be providing wireless service directly to iOS device users. Whitey went on further to say that he believes that Apple will go onto beat Google and become a mobile virtual network operator…

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard rumors of Apple providing it’s own carrier service, but this is the first time that some one has said this is set to happen in the very near future, and Bluestein makes a pretty convincing argument to back up his statement…

In his presentation Whitey lists off several things that have led him to this conclusion including, a recently renewed patent application by Apple that has to do with MVNO technology, Apple’s Nano-SIM war with Nokia, and the companies outstanding retail presence.

Bluestein believes that Apple will start off by offering data plans bundled with iPads and then move onto offer data, voice and messaging plans to iPhone users. All mobile data plan accounts will be linked to the users iTunes account.

Personally this sounds awesome to me… to be able to check my music movies, and mobile account in one user interface, sign me up! Not to mention that Apple has like the highest consumer satisfaction rating in the world. If I could get Apple’s customer service integrated with my mobile data plan I would be one happy camper.

Source: 9to5Mac



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