[Rumor] Leaked iPhone 5 Earphone Jack / Ear Speaker / WIFI Cable Surface

With the release of the new iPhone just around the corner, it’s not uncommon for leaked parts to surface. Not too long ago we had a SIM card tray show up, and also an iPhone home button. Today MacRumors points to a leaked Earphone Jack / Ear Speaker / WIFI Cable module. This new design could represent a major hardware change…

This component came from iPhone parts vendor SW-BOX.com. While we are still unsure of the legitimacy of the parts, if they are indeed real the iPhone 5 has a major internal hardware change happening. But also it’s not too uncommon for Apple to rearrange internal components between models.

The vendor’s website says,

Here is the first Glimpse at the new iPhone 5 earphone/speaker/wifi cable, let’s hope you won’t be needing one any time soon hehehe, this is a high quality cable that is clearly for the new iPhone, soon to be released later this year, find all your replacement parts here at sw-box.com.

I’m sure this won’t be the last leaked part that we see. This kind of thing is very common before Apple releases a device… Almost too common. Sometimes I wonder if Apple leaks the parts as a PR stunt to up the hype on their devices….

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