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iPhone Lightmod Kit V2 Installation Tutorial iPhone 4S / 4 – LightMyiPhone.com

Welcome to the official installation tutorial for version 2 of the illuminated logo kit for iPhone 4S / 4. This guide is universal between all iPhone 4S / 4 including the GSM model.

Check out the video…

The new illumination kit for iPhone from LightMyiPhone.com is better than ever! This kit is much easier to install and will make your iPhone stand out in the crowd.

The installation is super simple so long as you stay patient and follow the instructions. The only difference in the GSM model is the number of screws. The connection points remain the same. Feel free to comment below with any questions you may have.

Also stay tuned as we will be giving away a couple of these kits VERY SOON!

Use this video as a guide through the installation process but also do your homework a bit and familiarize yourself with the inside of your iPhone, the Light Mod kit, and how the two interact together. I hope this is helpful for you all! If your interested in getting one of these awesome Light Mods for yourself visit LightMyiPhone’s website.

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