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iPhone Lightmod Kit V2 Installation Tutorial iPhone 4S / 4 – LightMyiPhone.com

Welcome to the official installation tutorial for version 2 of the illuminated logo kit for iPhone 4S / 4. This guide is universal between all iPhone 4S / 4 including the GSM model.

Check out the video…

The new illumination kit for iPhone from LightMyiPhone.com is better than ever! This kit is much easier to install and will make your iPhone stand out in the crowd.

The installation is super simple so long as you stay patient and follow the instructions. The only difference in the GSM model is the number of screws. The connection points remain the same. Feel free to comment below with any questions you may have.

Also stay tuned as we will be giving away a couple of these kits VERY SOON!

Use this video as a guide through the installation process but also do your homework a bit and familiarize yourself with the inside of your iPhone, the Light Mod kit, and how the two interact together. I hope this is helpful for you all! If your interested in getting one of these awesome Light Mods for yourself visit LightMyiPhone’s website.

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  • http://moverton.com MIcheal Overton

    Looks like there is a little bit of a light leak at the camera led hole. Wonder if it causes any problems with the camera.

    • Matt

      Micheal, just installed mine and no camera issues. There must’ve been a glare that looks like light on the flash lens. Also once I got the light pad in place I put a piece of double sided tape on the back to hold in place. Careful though because its hard to get up if you need to realign. So I learned that, put the EMI shield on, align and then put the tape on.

    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom

      Yeah I can confirm, no camera issues at all.

  • pedro ramos

    Hey guys just installed my led mod v2 on my iphone 4s great video thanks..but one issue..why in the add they write 100% glass rear panel? mine was plasic? and it cracked downt the middle? now im left with no rear panel with a transpearent apple logo?????

    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom

      that’s odd I’d give support a shout. They are really cool guys. I think my back is glass.

    • http://lightmyiphone.com lightmyiphone.com

      All panels are glass. We are sorry you cracked your phone. As cautioned on the inspection tag in the package you can’t apply force in the center, i.e. its glass and it will break.

  • THX.5280

    Everybody has their own experiences but is mine: This product is weak sauce. I was able to get all of the installation done except for the back cover which did not fit because of its poor design. Also, the LED they sent was stained and showed through the diffuser film. Again, I was not ableο»Ώ to install the back cover and the company, lightmyiphone would not refund my purchase. Also, the back cover is cheap looking and the piece meant to protect the camera lens fell out repeatedly during the attempted install. Final word: don’t waste your money.

    looks like i’m not alone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzA8oLDLg6g.

    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom

      hey there I forwarded you concern to the lightmyiphone guys. Sorry you had some trouble with the kit. I know for a fact it’s not the same story across the board but hate to see you in this position. I sent your email along with the comment. hope it helps

    • http://lightmyiphone.com lightmyiphone.com

      Hey Yusef, as we told you last night, you ordered a GSM 4 kit for your GSM 4S the panel will not fit and is the root of your issue.

      We have made every attempt to help you!

  • Patrick

    Ok so I’m trying to install mine and it won’t turn on, I’ve removed that little film where the connecting points are, I’ve moved the light mod in every position and it still won’t come on

    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom

      I know this is silly but did you reconnect your battery? If so, I’d contact their support

  • Patrick

    Ya I did, I tried about everything possible and it still didn’t work…I’m sending it in today but I’m just worried that I’ll send mine in and they’ll test it out and say nothing’s wrong with it and send me the same exact light panel

  • Ozlinares

    Im interested in getting one which of the two versions is best to get?

    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom

      I’d go with version 2. I like it much better.

  • Patrick

    Just installed it and it works great…word of advice though, the 1st time I installed it I couldn’t get it to work. I then put more tape to apply more pressure and then it finally worked so that’s a thing to consider.

  • Herzl

    i just got my kit and i am having problems. the light wont turn on if my screen is on but if i move it a littl then the light will turn on but the screen will turn off…i need help , thank you

    • Herzl

      and i cant put the back cover on either

  • Patrick

    make sure you position it just right and have everything connected down properly. mine had the same problem but i needed to make sure i had all the connections under the emi shield on nice and snug. and like i said position it to where it wont do that, thats what i did.

    • Herzl

      thanks i will try that, but what about the cover?

  • Patrick

    my back plate wouldnt really go on either, i had to position it just right to get it mostly on. i found out that an iphone bumper case helps a lot! it looks good and protects your iphone and keeps the back plate on, you can get them at an apple store or target for around 15 bucks. also look at the clips on the new back plate you have and the old one that was on the phone, they need to match up exactly or it wont go on. thats what i would do

  • Darren

    I live in Australia an would really like one of these iPhone Lightmod Kit V2 but can’t seem to find one on ebay. all i seem to get is the V1. Please could you send me a link from where you got yours from.. Also because i live in Australia how do i know what modal my iPhone 4s is. i.e.:GSM or CDMA

    many thanks


    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom

      Well you can get the lightmod kits from lightmyiphone.com that’s the only place those ones are sold. But honestly if you’re not sure which model you have it may not be wise to dissemble your iPhone to install this. On an iPhone 4, CDMA and GSM depend on your carrier but the iPhone 4S is both CDMA and GSM.

  • Scott

    I’m having some SErIOUS issues with this mod. I followed all directions perfectly and couldn’t get the light to stay on. I had to take the second piece of adhesive off, because the two top connectors wouldn’t close. now, my iphone screen is staying black, it shows an apple logo for a half a second and goes black when i try to restart it. What the hell happened????? i cant find advice or these symptoms anywhere!!!

    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom

      I’m not exactly sure what happened, but that’s definitely not normal. You could have shorted something out, or you could not have the connections down all the way or connected them wrong when reassembling the iPhone. There are so many different things that could have happened. Installing these takes some serious confidence and technical know-how. It’s important you understand the inside of your iPhone and which components you are moving or unplugging before installing. I would make sure everything is securely connected.

  • Jack

    I cant get my back plate on completely? Any tips! How much force should i apply it just wont slide back in completely!!!! Help please!

    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom

      If you have to apply a lot of force you’re doing something wrong. It should just slide on if you have everything down and in place correctly πŸ™‚

  • Ruddy

    Well I bought this mod kit but i don’t have access to streaming media .. is there another place that i can find some instructions on how to set it up?

    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom

      Unfortunately the video is all we have πŸ™

  • brad

    I have installed the mod, and everything works, but my light only stays on for a few seconds then fades off. i can turn my screen off and back on and the light comes on but then does the same thing. any ideas.

  • brad

    also if i keep the screen on and use the phone as normal the light goes on and then back off, intermittently..

    • http://www.macmixing.com/ Dom Esposito

      The connection could be loose

  • http://sinfuliphone.com *YourScreenNameHere*

    Can the color of the glow be changed to another color? I want a v2 to glow red to match my conversion kit. Are there different colors for defuzers? Anybody modded it to glow another color?

  • Kike

    I have the same question. I prefer a red one!!!!! Where can buy.? In website dont apear.

  • Iphone4s

    I tried to install,im sure i done properly ..correct 100 %,but my led still no light..can we repair manually this led?anybody know about it?(aside waiting for replacement) :d.. Thanks ,..

  • Iphone4s

    I tried to install,im sure i done properly ..correct 100 %,but my led still no light..can we repair manually this led?anybody know about it?(aside waiting for replacement)

  • George D

    Hey so I installed it but when I try to use my camera I can’t have both the led mod and my camera working at the same time, I bought the 4 version and don’t know why both won’t work, the screen works fine with the light on

  • Mo

    Hey i installed one of these i got it to work however i noticed that whn ever i attach the mod it drains the screen power!! If its on full brightness n i attach it it reduces the screen brightness which also means whn the screen brightness is on minimum it totally blacks it out and you cant see nuthing!! Anyone no why this is happening ?

    • Ty Brown

      I would assume it’s because they’re sharing the same power, kind of like a bottleneck.

  • chris mawson

    i have just installed the mod light and now my camera comes on but just a blank screen which is black anybody know what this could be?

  • yazan

    how much battery does it takes?

  • Chad

    I gotta say its probably a huge risk your taking when choosing to install this mod but the end result is amazing!! I am pretty much a noob at it but some how got it to work with no problems. Took me about two hours to perfect it and get it finished. If you take your time and dont panic you should be able to do it without breaking anything. My screen was blank several times but i figured out if you dont snap the connectors back in right the screen wont work properly. I actually did not use the diffuser though. Not sure if you need to but its brighter without it and on the white iphone it stands out more. The video was really helpful. Hope this review helped.

  • John

    If you experience the light mod turns on and your screen turns off, turn the brightness all the way up. You will also need to turn off the auto brightness feature.

  • Jaime Reyes

    Hey I just tried to install the V2 of the light mods and I got it o turn on but my screen didn’t turn on but when the screen did turn on the apple logo didn’t any help/advice?

    • http://www.twitter.com/macmixing Dom Esposito

      I would try and make sure all of your connections are secure. I’m not a complete expert in iPhone electronics, but that sounds like it could be a source of the problem. There shouldn’t be any dimming.

      • Jaime Reyes

        I’ve tried to move it around but as soon as the apple logo lights up the front screen turns off

  • ploerri

    thank you so much for this ! i was close to despair πŸ˜‰

    • http://www.twitter.com/macmixing Dom Esposito

      no problem!!

  • mungers

    Hey i installed one of these i got it to work however i noticed that whn ever i attach the mod it drains the screen power!! If its on full brightness n i attach it it reduces the screen brightness which also means whn the screen brightness is on minimum it totally blacks it out and you cant see nuthing!! Anyone no why this is happening ? its really annoying

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