Detect and Remove the Flashback Trojan with Flashfake

Have you been worried if you’ve been infected with the recent Flashback Trojan that has infected 600,000 Macs worldwide? Lately there’s been a lot of different ways to detect the Flashback Trojan, but nothing has shown the “easiest method for removal. Well your in luck!

The awesome people over at the ussian firm Kaspersky Lab released a free Mac antivirus tool that will not only detect if your computer has been infected, but it will also remove it!

There is also a handy web tool at that will detect your Java version to make sure your safe form vulnerabilities and detect the possible Flashback Trojan right from the web browser!

Over the last few days our server has registered all the data sent by bots from the infected computers and recorded their UUIDs in a dedicated database. Based on this information we have set up an online resource where all users of Mac OS X can check if their computer has been infected by Flashback.

To download the free detection and removal tool, click this direct link, the Flashback removal process is simple. This tool will quarantine the virus inside an encrypted .ZIP folder and save it in your Home folder. Just send the file to your trash and empty away! It’s that simple.

To keep yourself self from any future infections, make sure you’ve downloaded and update Apple’s two recent Java patches from your Software update. Click on the Apple in the top left corner of your Mac, then select Software Update. It’s probably best you go ahead and set the time aside to update everything in the list.

Have you been infected?

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