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[Video] Rumored iPhone 5 Back Panel Compared To The iPhone 4S

We’ve recently seen quite a few pictures of the purported iPhone 5 back panel / casing but this video takes the cake. This is the first up close video with the leaked iPhone 5 backpanel and it’s interesting to look at the differences when compared to the iPhone 4S. There is definitely some major hardware changes going on here.

Check out the video…

Of course there’s absolutely no way to prove the legitimacy of this back panel, but it falls in line with all the other pictures we’ve seen and rumors floating around the new iPhone. The video comes from ETrade Supply and the rumored changes in the video are clear as day when he compares it to an iPhone 4S.

I think the design definitely has potential. Like others, I’m not extremely happy with the “two-tone” look on the back. I could definitely get used to no glass though. The video isn’t super revealing, but it does give us a first hand comparison aside from all the pictures we’ve previously seen.

What do you think about the “new” design?

Source: ETrade Supply via Cult of Mac

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