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UK Judge Says Apple Must Post Notices Stating Samsung Didn’t Copy The iPad

Business Insider reports via a Bloomberg bulletin indicating that a UK judge’s ruling that requires Apple to post notices on the companies U.K. website acknowledging that Samsung did not steal the iPad’s design…

While the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still banned under U.S. law, the U.K. judicial system has ruled that while the tablet isn’t “as cool” as the iPad, Samsung did not copy the iPad’s design. Because of this, Apple is required to do two things:

  • Apple must post a message up on its website
  • Apple must post this message in British newspapers

According to the ruling, Apple must have the message posted on its website for six months. Apple still has the ability to appeal the ruling, but there’s currently no word on that.

Bloomberg reports:

The notice should outline the July 9 London court decision that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets don’t infringe Apple’s registered designs, Judge Colin Birss said. It should be posted on Apple’s U.K. website for six months and published in several newspapers and magazines to correct the damaging impression the South Korea-based company was copying Apple’s product, Birss said.

It’s rather odd that what the U.S. ruled as an iPad copy, isn’t a copy in the U.K.

What’s you opinion on the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Source: Business Insider via MacRumors

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