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Samsung’s New ‘S Voice’ is a Blatant Siri Ripoff

Wow… All I can say is wow… Are we trying to start another legal battle here? Samsung’s new Galaxy S III has a set release date of May 29th with some pretty interesting features.

But this blatant Siri ripoff blows my mind…

Samsung’s “innovative” S Voice feature is apparently Siri’s evil twin sibling.

Gizmodo noted a description of S Voice:

S Voice, which is a Siri-like voice recognition feature, that you can use to inquire about the weather; take a photo (“Hi Galaxy, please take a photo” to open the camera app, or “cheese” to snap it), and other tasks such as locking the phone, or controlling music. Each demand can be configured by the user.

As you can see, this is nothing new to us iPhone users. Saying phrases like “Hi Galaxy, what’s the weather like today?” will invoke the proper “Siri-like” UI and information based interaction.  I’m sure Apple is going to have some problems with this. Voice recognition is nothing new to technology, but completely stealing an interface is flat out wrong.

Shame on you Samsung…

Source:  Sebastiaan de Wit Via Rene Ritchie

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