First Batch of Intel Quad-Core Ivy Bridge Processors Launched

As expected, Intel launched the first wave of their new Ivy Bridge processor line today. The new Ivy Bridge processors will replace the Sandy Bridge chips found in the current MacBook Pro line. The new line is the first to use 22-nanometer manufacturing and include Intel’s “Tri-Gate” 3D transistor technology.

BBC News noted that the first bath of processors includes 13 different chip types, yet most seem to be tailored for desktops. But according to MacRumors, there are also a few that would be a fit for 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros. Though as of lately, word is the 17-inch MacBook Pro is going bye bye…

Also expect to see some Dual-Core Ivy Bridge processors released at some point soon. But most rumors point to June 3rd for a possible release date. By that time we should see some new MacBooks coming down the line. The Ivy Bridge chip has 20% more processing power than it’s predecessors and also consumes 20% less power. All the more reason Apple has to implement Retina displays in new MacBook models according to the rumor mill…

Intel is serious about keeping up with the demand for the new Ivy Bridge chips; so much that they have been building new plants and already have three up and running, with a fourth on the way.

“This is Intel’s fastest ramp ever,” [Intel’s PC business chief Kirk] Skaugen added.“There will be 50% more supply than we had early in the product cycle of our last generation, Sandy Bridge, a year ago. And we’re still constrained based on the amount of demand we’re seeing in the marketplace.”

The release of this new chip marks the beginning of a MacBook refresh. Though we’re not entirely sure when we’ll see that happen. It’s also important to note that recent rumors have reported a major change in the MacBook design.

Anyone excited about the Ivy Bridge chips?

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