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[UPDATE] Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Shows up in a Beijing Apple Store – iPhone 5 In The Making?

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook isn’t in China everyday… In Fact, there’s absolutely no reason for him to be “casually” visiting an Apple Store halfway around the globe. There can really only be a few explanations to something of this nature.

Could it be possible Cook is visiting to work out manufacturing deals with Foxconn for the new iPhone (rumored iPhone 5,1)? Just the other day, we told you about strikes happening at Foxconn that spiked a massive hiring binge. Maybe he’s out there to sort things out with disgruntled employees…

Sina Weibo, popular Chinese Twitter-like platform broke the news that Apple’s main man, Tim Cook, randomly showed up at one of five Apple Stores in China at 11AM this morning. Tim Cook made his appearance at the Apple Store in Joy City.

According to TechNode:

There’re speculations that Tim came here to talk to China Unicom and China Telecom about introducing the company’s next generation of iPhone – iPhone 5 (or the new iPhone, who knows), according to people familiar with the matter. Currently, both Chinese operators are partnering with Apple in iPhone 4S.

The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg report that Tim Cook is discussing the possibilities of greater investment with Chinese officials:

Cook, who is on his first trip to China since becoming chief executive of the Cupertino, Calif.-based company, “had great meetings with Chinese officials today. China is very important to us and we look forward to even greater investment and growth here,” said spokeswoman Carolyn Wu. She declined to identify any of the Chinese officials or give further details on the meetings.

While no one really knows why he’s over in China one things for sure, we know there’s an expected next generation iPhone coming out at some point (hopefully this year), and Foxconn just so happens to be located in China. It’s highly speculated that he’s there working out the details for manufacturing.

What possibly could Tim Cook be in China for?

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