Foxconn Facing Pre-Production Strikes As It Prepares for the New iPhone

Foxconn is Apple’s main manufacturer for most all of the great “iDevices” we know and love. The China Morning News reported that Foxconn in in the midst of a massive hire to increase the numbers by 20,000 at the Taiyuan plant in Northern China.

The hiring uproar is due to Apple’s recent production orders for the new iPhone which is expected to be released this fall.

“Foxconn in Tai Yuan is now building a new base for iPhone 5 production. The company is now is now in need of approximately 20,000 workers. Mr. Yu, an insider at Tai Yuan Foxconn, says that the company still has tons of openings, especially front-line workers. “As long as they meet the basic standards, (we’ll) take as many as possible.” Given Apple’s prominent position in the industry, Foxconn has made iPhone production its foremost priority in mainland China. Mr. Yu says that Foxconn gets about 85% of the total order of iPhone 5, which translates into about 57 million units per year.”

Apparently, many workers at the Foxconn’s Taiyuan plant have gone on strike due to a promised pay increase they’ve yet to see. As noted by 9to5mac, this could explain Foxconn’s reasoning behind hiring as they’ll need high numbers to keep up with Apple’s production process.

Recently we told you that Apple’s new iPhone is being released this fall with 4G LTE, and a new micro dock connector. Strike or not, Foxconn needs to keep their employment numbers high to maintain Apple’s demand.

Who’s excited for the new iPhone?

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