Adobe Releases First Beta Of Flash Player 11.3 For Macs

Installing Flash Player on your Mac is the fastest way to ensuring that all of your RAM is maxed out on a regular basis. Unfortunately a lot of websites still use flash content, forcing you to install it or endure a painful browsing experience. The good news…? It looks like Adobe is hard at work looking for ways to improve the experience of Flash Player for Mac users.

Yesterday the San Jose, CA based company released the first Flash Player 11.3 Beta for Mac OS X, featuring all sorts of improvements. Flash Player 11.3 brings with it a new background updater, meaning you’ll never have to download updates manually again.  Adobe has also added texture streaming, improved mouse control, and improved support for the Mac App Store. Adobe also mentions that they have “relaxed” the driver gating hardware acceleration to 2006, which may mean that older cards and Intel graphic chipsets such as the GMA 950, will now support hardware acceleration.

As for developers,there are several improvements to Adobe AIR Mobile including screen DPI support for the new iPad retina display, as well as ADT support for the new 144×144 icons added in AIR 3.3. The new version requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher. It works with all version of Google Chrome, Opera 11 or later, Safari 5.x, Firefox 4.x and higher.

Source: macnn

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