2012 15-Inch MacBook Pro Benchmark Tests – Geekbench / NovaBench

The new 2012 MacBook Pro is an incredibly fast computer. With Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processor, NVIDIA’S GeForce GT 650M GPU, and USB 3.0 joining the MacBook Pro, you can definitely expect an increase in performance. But how much performance? We did some benchmark tests on the 2012 MacBook Pro to find out…

In these tests I used the 15-inch 2.3Ghz model with both 4GB and 16GB of RAM. I decided on comparing the minimum the MacBook comes with and the maximum it can accept to get good highs and lows in scores. The result was pretty impressive. Check out the video above and let me know what you think in the comments.

The programs used in this benchmark test are Geekbench and NovaBench which are both available in the Mac App Store. NovaBench is a free app, while Geekbench will set you back $12.99. If you do a benchmark test on your MacBook be sure to leave your scores along with the app you used in the comments below!

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