[Review] Belkin Snap Shield Secure – The New iPad

The Belkin Snap Shield Secure is a fairly new snap-on case to protect the back of your third generation iPad. It’s very simplistic, and it’s Smart Cover compatible…

This case is ideal for anyone who loves the Apple Smart Cover but hates that they’re limited to a number of cases. Snap Shield “snaps” onto the back of your new iPad and leaves room for the Smart Cover hinge on the side. It also has a cool feature which helps keep your Smart Cover out of the way.

Check out the video…

On the backside of the Snap Shield Secure, there’s a small steel strip that holds the Apple Smart Cover out of the way. Instead of the normal “dangling” your Smart Cover is subjected to, you can easily secure it to the back of this case. I can’t even count how many times this feature has come in handy.

The Snap Shield Secure has a soft touch rubberized finish and is super thin. It adds hardly any bulk to the new iPad. In fact, I think the Smart Cover adds three times the bulk of this case.

Currently the Belkin Snap Shield Secure is available in clear, pink, red, green, navy, and smoke.


I prefer cases like this regularly. Simple, thin, effective. I’m not a big fan of solid colors, so the fact that this case is transparent makes it that much better. what more can I say? It works perfect and protects the iPad.


Here comes the love / hate relationship. The case is super thin and adds almost no bulk to your iPad but in turn, that is also one of it’s downfalls. Because it’s so thin, like anything comparable, it is more vulnerable to cracks or breaking. I haven’t experienced this issue yet but it’s important to note.

Also because it’s so thin and adds hardly any bulk, it’s quite hard to justify the $29.99+ price tag. (The reason I added the plus is because I’ve seen it places for $29.99 but Belkin official retails this case on their website for $34.99)

Final Thoughts

Aside from the minor dislikes above, which might I add are only disliked due to incredible aspects I enjoy about this case, it’s a great case. It’s regularly priced in comparison to other iPad cases on the market and works great for any Smart Cover enthusiast.

For more information or to purchase the Belkin Snap Shield Secure, I found the lowest price on Amazon here ($29.99).

[xrr rating=4/5]
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