Belkin Snap Shield Review for the New iPad / iPad 2

The Belkin Snap Shield is a great way to protect your new iPad while keeping the stylish aluminum look you’ve grown to love. It snaps right on the back of your iPad and still allows for Smart Cover functionality.

The Snap Shield has a frosted look to it and really gives your new iPad maximum protection. Personally, I am a fan of thin and sleek cases unless they provide waterproof functionality, which warrants some bulk.

Overall I found the Snap Shield to fit nice and snug on my new iPad. The case is a little flexible which give it the ability to take some hits and not break like other hard plastic shells.

Though this is the Snap Shield for iPad 2, I found it to fit on the new iPad perfectly. No issues at all. Though they do sell a version for the new iPad if this one fit just fine I figured, why spend the extra money.

You can pick up the Belkin Smart Shield for the new iPad or iPad 2 at the link below!

Snap Shield for iPad 2 ($21.68)

Snap Shield for the New iPad ($34.99)

What do you think about the Smart Shield?

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