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[Review] Seidio Surface Plus – iPhone Battery Case

The Seidio Surface Plus is a sharp looking iPhone battery case. This case will double the life of your iPhone’s battery.  It also has a removable /replaceable battery to provide even more battery life to your iPhone

This case has a built in 1700mAh battery but with an added luxury. The battery is completely removable / replaceable. That’s right kids, with this case you can keep switching out batteries all day long and extend the life of your iPhone for limitless hours of talk, text, games, etc.

The only downside to that scenario is the extra batteries will cost a little more. The Surface Plus comes with one removable battery. The iPhone is secured and strapped down to the case by a hard plastic bumper.

Simply dock your iPhone on the 30-pin connector, snap on the bumper, and double your battery life. It also includes an ON/OFF switch to save the cases functionality when you don’t need charging. Along with the power button, there is also an indication meter that lets you know how much power is left on the removable battery.

The Seidio Surface Plus features:

  • First iPhone 4/4S power case with a removable battery that is certified by Apple
  • Sleek case (~ 0.73 cm) with Seidio’s signature soft-touch coating
  • Unique snap-together design makes putting on and removing your case easy
  • Compatible with SURFACE™ Plus holster (not included)
  • Case includes a 1700mAh battery and slot allows users to swap out battery with a spare
  • Included micro-USB cable allows you to sync and charge your iPhone 4/4S


I personally love this case. It’s very simple. It has saved my iPhone’s battery life on several occasions and if it wasn’t on my iPhone, it was close by in a backpack. I have not let this case out of my sight since I received it from Seidio. I don’t have much else to say. It’s simple, sleek, and full of power.


If I wanted to nitpick about this case, the only thing I could find wrong with it is the limited colors available for purchase. And really if you think about it, that has nothing to do with how the case functions. It’s currently available in black, red, blue, and purple.

Final Thoughts

Overall this case does exactly what it should and does it with ease and style. It’s a little pricey running $69.95, with the option to buy an extra battery at $44.95, but that’s all money well spent. You can also purchase Seidio’s Multi-Function Battery Charger for $29.95 to charge the extra battery without having to switch out the batteries to in the case. It provides coverage on all sides (with the exception of the screen), and gives you up to 6 hours more talk time.

I wish I could find something wrong with this case so my review wouldn’t seem so biased, but it’s honestly an excellent product. For more information or to purchase one click here.

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