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Wanna Ditch Instagram? Don’t Forget To Download your Photos!

Yesterday Facebook announced their $1 Billion acquisition of the popular photo sharing app Instagram. While this is great for the creators of Instagram, many users are worried that this means the death of their favorite vintage, hipster, photo app for iPhone (and recently Android)…

As you may have experienced, Instagram turns everyone into a professional photographer (sarcasm). And if you really think that overnight, Instagram is going to sellout and turn into some Facebook driven Timeline nightmare, then you should probably jump ship now… (again sarcasm)

Even though we have no idea what the future of the app will be, many have already concluded that Zuckerberg will ruin the app and turn it into a bloated and cluttered, ad driven UI with features no one asked for. This may or may not be true but personally, I’d just rather stick it out.

If you plan on jumping ship, fact is you probably want most of your photos before you leave. Well lucky for you there’s a very simple way to download all your photos, transfer them to your Flickr account or ironically, your Facebook…

Before you delete your account, make sure you do this…

Head on over to and login with you Instagram credentials. From there you’ll be given the option to download all your Photos or transfer them to a different social account.

After you’ve successfully backed up all your cool vintage photos, head over to Instagram’s account removal request page. You’ll be asked to enter in your information again and once you’ve made it past these steps, you’ll officially be free from your old hipster ways.

Then just make sure you delete the app from your iPhone by long-pressing on the icon and taping the “X” that pops up in the corner.

Though before you go deleting everything and leaving your vintage pictures in the wind, it’s important to note that Mark Zuckerberg did state in the official press release that Instagram will mostly remain unchanged. So maybe we should all have a little patients? It’s only been one day.

What do you think about all this?

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