Walter Isaacson Talks About Steve Jobs Character and Management Style

Walter Isaacson is the author of the Steve Jobs biography, which is great and you should pick it up if you haven’t had a chance to read it! While in Amsterdam Isaacson took the stage for the John Adams Institute to talk about his biography on Steve Jobs.

In the 90-minute clip, Walter Isaacson beings to talk about some of this favorite stories involving Jobs. At about 10:30, he begins talking about Steve’s “reality distortion field,” which was used quite ofter in the development of the Macintosh, iPhone, and iPod. He also continues discussing Steve’s character and management style.

During the video, Isaacson sits down to take question for a while. One question he was asked is whether or not he “liked” Steve Jobs,

That word, “like,” is such a… namby pamby word that is doesn’t begin to describe the kind of emotions you have when you’re around Steve Jobs.

I became deeply emotionally wrapped up with him… near the end it became clear.

He’s lying in bed and he’s wasting away and he’s not going to make it… I became deeply, emotionally inspired by him, I felt connected to him, I just felled awed by him… So to use the work “like” would be to use one of those words that just doesn’t do just justice to those complex emotions.

Whether your a die hard fan, or just a little fond of Apple, you should take the time to watch this clip. I know it’s rather long, but it’s also pretty interesting!

Have you read the Steve jobs Biography?

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