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[Rumor] Massive Leaked iPhone 5 Gallery

I’ve decided to compile most all of the leaked new iPhone photos I could gather in one sitting (39 total) and put them all together in a super gallery. All of these images have surfaced over the past months and are now in one place for your viewing pleasure…

I think with so many leaked images pointing to identical designs, there’s no way they are fake. I feel very confident this is the new iPhone. But at the end of the day, we won’t know for sure until the new iPhone is announced and released in September or October. The images come from all different sources. Check out our leaked iPhone 5 archive to find the individual sources of these images.

These images consist of internal and external parts of the purported next-generation iPhone. Everything from home buttons, to flex cables and body shells. This is a good overview of what we’ve seen so far in case you’ve missed any of them. Like I said this isn’t everything that has been leaked, but what I could scrounge together in a decent amount of time.

Check out the massive gallery below.

Do you think all of these photos are legitimate?

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