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Multiple Sources Confirm September Release Date For The New iPhone

Initially iMore reported on a September 21, 2012 release date for the new iPhone. Now it looks like several notable publications have stepped up, independently confirming the rumored release date…

The original word was that Apple has a special iPhone event planned for September 12th, 2012 with plans to announce the new iPhone and its features. Following the announcement would be the release of the iPhone just 9 days later on September 21st.

It looks like these rumors are looking legitimate. AllThingsD recently confirmed this date through their sources. For the most part, when AllThingsD confirms a date, they’re pretty much right on the money.

AllThingsD reports:

Apple hasn’t yet officially announced the fall event at which it is expected to debut the next iteration of the iPhone, but it’s definitely planning one.

Sources tell AllThingsD that Apple is currently planning an event for that week. And while we haven’t yet confirmed its focus, history suggests it will indeed be the new iPhone. One thing’s for certain, though: Apple is ramping up for a big fall product cycle. And to see that, you need only look at the the recent spike in the company’s prepayment for inventory components

According to all the fuss, we should see a new iPhone, iPad mini, and possibly a revamped iPod touch at the event in September. There have also been a few other sources directly confirming this date with their sources as well.

Cult of Mac updated with some details:

Update: Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has given this report one of his infamous “Yeps.” Mark your calendars. It’s happening, folks.

Update 2: Just in case you needed more clarification, The VergeThe New York Times, and Bloomberg have both independently confirmed the date with their sources.

Update 3: Like clockwork, the also-reliable Reuters confirms September 12th as well.

So there you have it folks. Start saving your money, and check for early carrier upgrades, there’s a few new products on the horizon.I’m getting pretty excited for the new iPhone!

What do you think about all of this chatter?

Source: AllThingsD via Cult of Mac

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