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[Rumor] Leaked Next-Generation iPhone Shell Paired With Dock Connector / Headphone Jack

Finally someone decided to put some pieces together! The leaked iPhone 5 back shell has been paired with the leaked dock connector/headphone jack assembly giving us all a better look at what’s in the future…

I seriously cannot believe it took so long for someone with all of these leaked parts to start trying to connect them. Thanks to iResQ, who put these together following their other recently leaked photos, we finally get a glimpse of the future iPhone. While the leaked new iPhone parts don’t solidify that these parts are real, it definitely give us hope.

These leaked parts fit together perfectly. The photo above compares the new part with the iPhone 4S. Every little screw hole lines up, and it really fits well together. I would be shocked at this point if Apple released something other than what we’ve seen.

It’s funny because I was just complaining about the fact that no one has attempted to piece all these parts together last night on our podcast. Be sure and check out our leaked archive of iPhone 5 parts.

The new iPhone is rumored to release on September 21st, 2012.

Source: iResQ via MacRumors

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