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[Rumor] Leaked iPhone 5S Rear Shell Surfaces

It’s only been a couple of months since Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 and we’ve already heard different rumors regarding its future replacement. Apple is allegedly working on the iPhone 5S which wouldn’t release until next year. Today, ETrade Supply leaked new photos for what is claimed to be the iPhone 5S rear shell.

I’m not sure I believe these photos, but if Apple is indeed in trial production of the iPhone 5S, they could be legitimate. On the other hand, it’s not hard to believe that Apple’s iPhone 5S would sport the same design as its predecessor. Apple has a trend of releasing “S” model devices with the same body style and a minimal bump in specifications.

MacRumors notes:

Given that the origin of the photos is unknown, it is certainly possible that this part is an old iPhone 5 prototype design that was discarded in favor of the design that was ultimately used. Alternatively, the part could also be a fake or a knockoff, although at a glance the part seems to show similar levels of quality to that seen on the genuine iPhone 5 part and a knockoff part intended to be used for replacement on iPhone 5 devices would be certain to retain the arrangement of logic board screw holes.

There really in no way to validate the legitimacy of these photos, but it does allow us to speculate. If this is the real deal, what possible changes will Apple make? What changes would you like to see in the iPhone 5S?

Source: ETrade Supply via MacRumors

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