[Rumor] Apple Begins Production on New MacBook Pros Next Month

Some of you may have heard of Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors. They are expected to be released in two waves this year and Apple has some big plans for them. These nice little processors are up for grabs in the forth coming MacBooks. The high power processors are expected in a month while lower power processors should be coming in June….

According to Digitimes, Apple is going to start production on the 15-inch MacBooks next month, and wait until June to work on the 13-inch.

As Apple will start mass producing its 15-inch MacBook Pro in April, sources from the upstream supply chain have pointed out that the company’s orders for the 13.3-inch model are far higher than those of the 15-inch, indicating that Apple is more focused on the 13.3-inch notebook segment. However, the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro will not start mass production until June.

This is a bit unlike Apple‘s track record to release a product line in two waves. Especially when we’ve always been used to an Early year model MacBook, and a late year model. I guess anything is possible, and Apple has been breaking habits lately with the change of the traditional device names starting with the new iPad.

Do you think Apple’s willing to wait for Intel?

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