[Rumor] 2012 iMac Redesign with Anti-Reflective Glass

The iMac has been out for quite sometime now and really hasn’t seen many design changes since 2009. But in my opinion, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. According to the rumor mill over at DigiTimes and AppleInsider, the new 2012 iMacs will be much slimmer, and sport a new anti-reflective glass display.

Reportedly, a company called G-Tech will supply Apple with anti-reflective displays for the new, slimmer 2012 iMacs.

G-Tech is also expected to supply AR (anti-reflective) glass solutions for Apple’s all-in-one (AIO) PCs with the new products to also serve as a growth driver for G-Tech, indicated industry sources.

Now don’t take this rumor too serious as we’ve heard this all before from DigiTimes. But it’s 2012 right?? Time for a refresh?

Sources for AppleInsider say the new iMac will also be “slimmer and lighter” and “will more closely resemble the footprint of today’s most popular LED televisions.” We’ll just have to wait and see i guess…

I kinda get worked up when everyone always expects Apple to refresh every look and design every year. Why not just internally refresh everything. Because that’s what were used to? I am perfectly fine with the design of every product now. And as long as Apple keeps refreshing the internals, I’ll stay happy.

But we should see something new for iMacs mid-year 2012.

What’s your take on all the design changes?

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