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Our Predictions for Tomorrows iPad 3 / iPad HD Event

Let’s all take a look at everything in a nutshell. Tomorrow’s iPad Event is packing a lot of hype to live up to. There are several ways that people think this will turn out but none of us know for sure. I am almost certain there will be two products released tomorrow. Obviously we know for a fact that the new iPad will be announced tomorrow but what will the second or maybe even third product be? Many rumors have led to the determination of a new Apple TV coming out. But we haven’t really had any hard evidence proving so as we did with the upcoming iPad.

I also think there’s a possibility that Apple could unveil a new iPod Touch. Now this is completely out of left field and not to bash my own prediction, but I also wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t happen. But let’s look at the facts…

The current iPod Touch hasn’t had a refresh in a while now. The only recent thing that has happened is an update in color. We were given the option to purchase a White iPod Touch. Here’s my question. If the A5 chip is so great and makes graphics so smooth, why isn’t it inside of an iPod Touch. Certainly Apple has noticed the massive up-rise of iPod/iPhone gaming right?

Not too long ago Steve Jobs was claiming that the iPod had been outselling Sony PSP’s and Nintendo DS Games combined.

Furthermore, it was brought to our attention that he also meant the physical consoles as well. Now both of those devices had been out for quite some time so I’m not sure how that stacks up fairly.

I wouldn’t take that for face value but it seems like making the iPod Touch a more powerful gaming device would be in the cards for Apple. Not to mention that whispers have been going around that the portion of the Media Event invitation said, “see and touch”, could indicate an iPod Touch refresh. But once again, no hard evidence has surface.

So tomorrow is the big day. I predict that they may start out by showing off the less significant release in comparison to the new iPad. I say this because it seems to be in Apple’s fashion to make us wait. Sitting through have a keynote eagerly waiting for the iPad specs will definitely keep the hype rolling.

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What is your money on? Apple TV, iPod Touch or Both?

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