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New “Catalogs” Category Added to App Store

A new “Catalogs” category has just recently (tonight) popped up in the App Store.

This change was added just one day before the rumored iPad 3 is about to launch at tomorrows Media Event.

Now something tells me this has some significance in the Event taking place tomorrow.

It would seem all too much of a coincidence for this to just be some “random” addition. Though we never know. They may not bring it up at all, but i doubt that.

The category shows no results when viewing it, bu appears to include apps like SkyMall, Catalog Spree, and MTG Merchant. While we’re all uncertain what this new category will consist of, it seems to be some sort of online shopping medium.

MacRumors went and asked Joaquin Ruiz, the CEO of Catalog Spree about this new addition,

Adding an app category is not something that Apple does lightly and we believe Apple’s decision reflects the importance of this usecase in the Apple App Store ecosystem.

So it appears that he may believe it has some importance in tomorrows event. Maybe this is an addition to the features that iOS 5.1 will add. I just hope Apple doesn’t go out and add a NewsStand type app for Shopping that we’ll have to hide away. Less clutter please…

We have our predictions about what tomorrows event will bring, but you never know right?

What do you think this new category is for?

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