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Apple TV 3 Due To Start Shipping on March 8th?

So amongst all the swarming rumors for the iPad 3, there has also ben a lot of chat about an Apple TV refresh. This doesn’t seem farfetched from Apples normal upgrade routine. But still the question has remained, “When will the new Apple TV be released?”. Well according to a recent rumor that has turned some heads in the tech world, that date is March 8th.

MacTrast has recently discovered when attempting to order an Apple TV on Apples Website, the “delivers” date is set to March 8th. Why in the world would this date be so far out? I mean it’s not like Apple TV’s are flying off the shelves like the recent iPhone 4S was. Below is a screenshot of their attempted order.

Delivers March 8th??

Now to verify this, I did some investigating of my own and discovered exactly the same thing… “Delivers” date of March 8th.

How surprising… But is this something Apple would just let “slip” by? For the most part the 500-billion dollar company seems to have it’s act together. But be the judge for yourself, check out my screenshot as well… Or try it yourself here.

Same Result on my end...

So I guess that solves the question… Or does it? Once again I have to end this exciting news with the same old statement. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens on March 7th. The new Apple TV is rumored to have 1080p output quality, an A5 or A5X processor, Bluetooth 4.0, as well as the possibility of an App Store. I just hope they maintain the same price point on the new Apple TV.

Anyone down for a new Apple TV?

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