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Things That Apple Is Worth More Than

Earlier this week Apple reached a market cap of over $500 billion. For all you math geniuses out there that’s half a trillion dollars! Insane! In honor of this milestone I decided to make a list of things that Apple is worth more than to put this amazing accomplishment into perspective.

Things Apple is worth more than:

The construction of the entire interstate highway system– includes 47,000 miles of highway. $487 billion.

1 Billion iPads– the iPad 2 starts at $499.00 on Apple’s website. Do the math.

Retail sales of electricity in the United States- $400 billion

Worldwide lottery sales– $240 billion

The Global Coffee Industry- Generates $70 billion a year. Apple generated $46.3 billion in the first quarter of this year alone.

The United States Beef Consumption- In 2010 26.4 billion pounds were consumed at a retail value of $70 billion.

The Entire National Football League times ten- the NFL is worth roughly $33 billion.

All the gold at the New York Federal Reserve- $350 billion.

The Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Stephen King, and Twilight Franchise combined- Star Wars 18 billion, Star Trek 4 billion, Harry Potter 15 billion, Stephen King, 10 billion, total= 49 billion.

The Combined GDP of Israel, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon- Israel ($213 billion), Syria (60 billion), Jordan (28 billion), and Lebanon (43 billion) total= $344 billion.

The total corporate income tax paid in 2011- Corporations paid a total of $247.2 billion in taxes in 2011.

The GDP of Poland- $469.44 billion.

The GDP of Saudi Arabia- $434.67 billion

The GDP of Sweden- $458.97 billion.

All the illegal drugs in the world- The worldwide illegal drug trade is now worth an estimated $321 billion.

Apple could literally buy Sweden, Saudi Arabia, or Poland if they were for sale. Wow.

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