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Early iPhone And iPad Prototype Designs Surface From Samsung Case Files

Ever curious as to what the iPhone or iPad coulda’- shoulda’- woulda’ looked like? Early prototype designs of the devices have surfaced from the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung trial case files. Some are what could have been the iPhone 4…

Some of these old prototypes were codenamed N90, which happened to be what Apple was calling the iPhone 4 before it was released. The Verge got their hands on these old pictures and I have to say, some of them aren’t half bad.

There’s also one below that was a potential front-runner of the iPad. Notice the kickstand?? Yea… Ummm… No… I’m very gladĀ  Apple didn’t decide to go this route. Sorry Jony Ive you’re a genius, but that one is no good.

Check out the long one.. That would have been a HUGE disappointment. Notice the screen size? What a waste of half an iPhone that would have been. I also can’t stop laughing about the photo with the “menu” label on the home button.

Check out the gallery below! Take your time, there’s a lot.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Can you dig it?

Source: The Verge via 9to5Mac

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