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Google Earth’s ‘3D Buildings’ VS iOS 6’s ‘Flyover’

So in light of Google’s recent update to Google Earth, I decided to do a comparison between the two 3D mapping services. The battle of the 3D maps has now begun…

In my findings, Apple’s beta 3D maps are far more detailed than Google’s public release. I gave both adequate time to load and this was the final result. As of now, I have to give the win to Apple. That’s not to say Google doesn’t have major plans to step things up, but I think Apple will release a better public version when iOS 6 is launched in the fall.

What do you think about the two?

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  • Francesco Della Morte

    ahahahahahahah! are you kidding me or what?! In your picture, Google Maps is far better than iOS 6 Maps! Look at the windows color, at the shapes, colors and especially look at the trees between Cupertino and the highway on the back. All of them are really more accurate on GMaps that on iOS 6 Maps! How can you tell they are better in iOS??

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