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iOS 6 New Features: Maps Hands On Demo Video

Today I’m giving you a hands on look at the new Maps app in iOS 6. This is a very exciting new addition to the iOS family. Apple’s self designed maps look amazing, and you should definitely check them out!

Flyover is a great new feature that literally allows you to fly over buildings and view them in real-time rendering 3D. It’s honestly amazing, and if you’re an iOS developer, I’m sure you’ve already seen this new amazing feature.

Turn-By-Turn is another great feature in iOS 6. This allows you to get voice assisted turn-by-turn navigation to wherever you’re heading.

The new Maps app is definitely a show-stopper for iOS 6. These two new features are available now in iOS 6. On the downside both of these features will only be available on iPad 2 / iPhone 4S and up…

Be sure to check out our hands-on with Siri on iOS 6!

What do you think about the new Maps app?

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