GameStop May Start Selling Used MacBooks

A leaked screen shot of U.S. gaming retailer GameStop’s inventory screen suggests that the company could soon be selling used MacBooks. The screen shot was originally sent to popular gaming blog Kotaku by an anonymous GameStop employee…

The screen shot shows an extensive list of MacBooks complete with price listing’s well below what you would normally pay for them brand new, which suggests that GameStop will be selling refurbished rather than used notebooks.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to frequent customers of GameStop that the company decided to start selling MacBooks since they already buy and resell iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod’s.

Listed among the items on the inventory screen is a 2 gig 13 inch MacBook priced at $499.99, a 1.4 gig 11-inch MacBook Air for $799.99, and 2.4 gig 17 inch MacBook Pro for 2,099.99.

GameStop allows their customers to sell their used gaming software or hardware to them for store credit, or 20 percent off of purchase. While GameStop has been traditionally known to specialize in console games, just last year they began accepting iPhone, iPad, and iPod trade ins.

Recently Gamestop also moved into the digital distribution business allowing customers to purchase PC game downloads from their website.


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