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Did Samsung Steal an Apple ad and Put Their Name on it?

It seems that Samsung has recently decided to take their feud with Apple to the next level with the release of their new ad for the Galaxy tab device.

It’s no secret that Samsung has always designed the their tab devices to look like the iPad, but now it seems that they have taken it to the next level by even using the same actor that was used in an iPhone 4s ad.  Now this could just be coincidence but most likely not, especially since the new ad has almost the exact same feel as a previous iPad ad. You be the Judge. Let Us Know!

Samsung Ad

Here’s the iPhone 4s ad so you can see the same little girl in both ads.

Apple iPhone 4s- Camera ad

Looks like a school yard brawl is a brewin on an international playground!  Who do you back, Apple or Samsung?

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