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AppTrackr Receives Take Down Notice from Apple

AppTrackr, which is  website that allows users to illegally download pirated IOS5 apps announced today that they have been receiving take down notices from Apple.

Dissident form Apptrackr recently released a statement saying that, “Over the past several months  Apple has been scraping AppTrckr for links and sending huge take down notices for a ton of content.  We’ve been working to keep AppTrackr up-to-date, but the only (effective) way to prevent automated take downs was to add a CAPTCHA to outbound links.  In addition, we finished moving our servers to several different countries earlier this week.  This has raised our cost far beyond what we can afford with declining donations, meaning that we will have to place an advertisement on that CAPTCHA page.  This will support our servers and help us improve the quality of Installous immensely.  (All ads will be family-friendly, tame, and unobtrusive.)  We will also be supporting new hosts soon, such as hostile and filesonic.  We’re very excited to improve AppTrackr for all the users!  Thank you for your support.

This is good news for App Developers since piracy of IOS apps has been a problem ever since Apple launched the App store.

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